I don’t get a whole lot of time for prep, so guys, I need some help.

I don’t get a whole lot of time for prep, so guys, I need some help.

I don’t get a whole lot of time for prep, so guys, I need some help.

The Bard was examining an enormous crystal that a necromancer had used to bind an unknown number of ghosts to haunt/guard an old fortress. She wanted to find a way to free them and be certain they would move on to their proper rest.

Snake eyes.

Now she is the anchor, and both she and the ghosts realize that the best way to get to grade A warrior heaven is not by going quietly into the night, but by sticking around with her to more or less right the wrongs against them throughout the world. Mostly in taking revenge against the necromancer and his allies.

The other PCs are concerned that she might go insane as some of the ghosts had been a little psychotic after their time bound to a horrible undead state. They should be substantially, but not completely, right about that.

So I need a Compendium Class for a spirit anchor trying to help these ghosts write the wrongs against them and the woojy powers she may be able to employ with their aid, all while fighting to stay sane.

Write some moves, go! And thanks in advance for all the great ideas I know you’ll have.

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  1. Are you looking for independent moves, or modifiers to her bardery?

    I can think of a few modifications to her starting moves that would reflect the spririts’ intervention.

  2. Dead Lore

    In addition to whatever are of expertise you have, you may consult the spirits anchored to you on these two areas of Expertise:

    The Dead and the Undead

    Legends of heroes past.

    Once the GM has answered your question, they may ask you which ghost told you the answer.

    The Grateful Dead

    When one of the dead anchored to you participates in your arcane arts, add the following options to your choices:

    -The spirit creates an opening or advantage for your ally they wouldn’t have otherwise had.

    -They momentarily become possessed by the spirit, allowing them to swap one of their attributes with another one for their next action.

  3. Give the PC X slots, where X is a good number of ghosts you want bonded to him. 

    Make a list of X monster-moves, one that each that a ghost can make.

    Make a list of X personality traits/quirks, one for each ghost to have. 

    Make a list of X wants, one for each ghost.

    When the bard spends time getting to know his ghosts, have him fill in a new slot.  Randomly pick a combo of movess, traits, and wants.  Cross each off the list as it’s used. 

    From there, it’s a matter of using parley to convince the ghosts to do what you want for you.

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