The players killed a demon and found a strange magic item.

The players killed a demon and found a strange magic item.

The players killed a demon and found a strange magic item.

After asking the players what the item could be they came up with this:

The demon was wearing a choker with the thorns on the inside and when you throw the choker at an opponent it chokes it to death.

When the opponent dies you can put the choker around your neck and

get some of the life energy from the opponent.

How would you put this into DW mechanics?

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  1. 2nd part. When the chocker is worn roll +Wis. On 10+ pick 3, on 7-9 pick 1.

    1) You can use a move from the creature the choker killed

    2) You retain control of your facilities from the spirit in the choker

    3) You do not draw attention from the choker’s master

  2. i thought something similar 🙂

    roll volley to hit

    then roll +con 2-6 take damage, 7-9 take 1 and 10+ take 3 foward to any rolls.

    i’m not so sure if the character has to roll +con or +wis to absorb the nergy of the choker 🙂

  3. Throwing it would be a dexterity throw.  On a 2-6 roll the throw is a failure and the choker attaches itself to the your wrist/hand/arm. On a 7-9 the choker attaches itself to an enemy’s arm/leg/tail instead of the neck, making it half as effective; on a 10+ it attaches to the neck.

    Every now and then at the GM’s discretion the choker does 1d6 damage to the creature or character, half damage if the throw was 7-9.   When the creature dies, a character can choose to put on the choker to recover health.

    On a 2-4 the choker chokes the player for 1d6 damage, 7-9 it heals for half 1d4 and on a 10+ it fully heals 1d6.

    If 1d6 seems overpowered then you an always bump it down to a 1d4.

  4. When you toss the choker at a living victim, roll +CHA (or maybe WIS?). On a 10+, it latches on tight, choking the foe and dealing 1d8 damage.  On a 7-9, it latches on but the victim gets a finger or two in the way and can fight against it.

    When the collar’s victim struggles for freedom, roll +CHA (or WIS?). On a 10+, it clamps down hard and deals 1d8 damage.  On a 7-9, they’re still struggling but take no damage.  On a 6-, they manage to slip free.

    When the collar is still dripping with the blood of its last victim and you don it yourself, take [b]2d8 damage (ignores armor) and hold 2. Ask the GM what the victim’s moves were. As long as you wear the collar, you can spend 1 hold to make one of the victim’s moves.

  5. You throw the choker like a weapon, that would be a volley move, and then the choker attaches itself around the neck.

    If the creature has no neck it doesn’t work.

    Then the creature gets class damage but now the problem starts:

    DW has no rounds….

    I guess i just give it the messy tag and the head just falls off the shoulders 🙂

    After that I just use Joseph Slades moves :)

  6. Very good 🙂

    But I have to add that we play an over the top campaign where the players are like half gods. Think exalted style.

    They recently just everybody got an aspect of a dragon.

    The ranger acquired flight(dragon wings), the fighter dragon strength, the shaman flame odem, the bard dragon tongue, the paladin dragon scales.

    This is just the beginning, can’t tell you more in case the players read this ^^

    Just wanted to say that i have no problem that the choker is a bit overpowered 🙂

  7. The best thing about magic items in DW is that those two sentences you wrote describing the thing are the mechanics. Edit a bit for clarity and the balance you want, but you already did it.

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