11 thoughts on “Any interest in a Dungeon World game in the next few days?”

  1. Bastien Wauthoz Happy to spend some time talking Game Chef too!

    Tim Franzke – Not sure about my free time beyond the weekend I’m afraid, but I’ll keep you posted.

  2. Looks like the weekend is the best bet, or tonight if there’s any more takers to join myself and Chris in say the next hour?

    Darren I’m not sure if the schedules’ll work for tonight I’m afraid, I’ll have to be finished by 11ish (GMT). I’m out all night on Friday I’m afraid Damian 🙁

  3. It could work tonight if I wasn’t in Google+/roll20 game with friends in the UK with a Call of Cthulhu rpg campaign. Weekend pretty free here but if game isn’t then will see about catching the next one later on.

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