5 thoughts on “Hey, why does the poor Druid lack choices for what their body looks like?”

  1. Well you can add what you want depending on the region/world if comfortable with coming up with a few other descriptions. I think those descriptions & names are there for people to quickly make a character to jump in a game (or new to Rpgs & needing a few hints). I always found it odd in the core book, apart from taking up too much word count, why the dwarf, elf, halfling are limited to certain classes.

  2. After our third reboot of DW and reviewing and playing through the standard race/class combos, the party ultimately settled on: halfling ranger (one of a kind, savage and cunning), an elf fighter (forthright and righteous, in a world discriminatory against the pointy-eared ones) and a dwarf thief (tinker/cat burglar with a white beard and a red leather suit of armor)

    None of the race/class mixes fit, so we made up or borrowed our racial moves, DW style.

    And as far as the Druid is concerned, I figure that their distinctive feature (present in all forms they take) counts as one of their three descriptors.

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