I’m a fanboy of the Indiana Jones/adventure archaeologist trope.

I’m a fanboy of the Indiana Jones/adventure archaeologist trope.

I’m a fanboy of the Indiana Jones/adventure archaeologist trope. I had previously tried to combine the bard and thief playbooks to make something that would suite this style, but I wasn’t satisfied with the result. So, here’s a CC instead for someone who enjoys exploration with a hint of danger.

The Archaeologist

When you discover a long-lost artifact and either return it to it’s rightful place or donate it to a museum, you may choose this move when you level up:


When you closely examine an artifact, ask the GM two questions from the following list:

– Who created this object?

– What is the purpose of this object?

– Who would find this object valuable?

– How is this object dangerous to me?

– How is this object activated?

If you have the move Professor, these count as a class moves for you, you may take them when you level up:

Tenured Professor

Gain the “Grand Histories of the World” field of knowledge, as per the Bardic Lore move. Additionally, when you try to decipher a language or symbol you don’t fully understand, roll+INT. *On a 10+ you figure it out. *On a 7-9, you get the general idea, but the GM will withhold a detail from you.

Clever Explorer

You gain the Trap Expert move from the thief playbook, and you may use INT instead of DEX for this move. Additionally, when you avoid the effects of a trap, you cannot get a 6-, treat that as a 7-9.

Why’d it Have to be Snakes?

When you Spout Lore about a monster, on a 12+ you may ask the GM any one question about the subject.

Whip Tricks

You can use a whip to strike or grab unattended objects within reach distance of you, and you can use a whip as a grappling hook if you have something suitable to grab onto with it. (Note: I’m not 100% on this move. It’s very iconic, but I wonder if I should add the ability to do these things without Defying Danger. But then it would become to easy to trip and disarm foes in combat.)

Simon Belmont

Requires: Whip Tricks

You may use your whip as a weapon with a range of reach. When you Defy Danger by using a whip, take +1.

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  1. I think Whip Trick is mostly things you could do anyway. Mike Simon Belmont the starting Whip move and you are good. It does exactly what you want the character to do. 

    I like this a lot. 

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