2 thoughts on “Second version of the Mindzerker.”

  1. Some questions.

    1. For Losing your mind it says to pick 1-4 benefits. Can you clarify that? What are these?

    2. I don’t know why I would ever use Trance. It doesn’t serve a benefit really. Is it an optional thing? I assume maybe this is the state you get into if your beast is triggered? But that’s already covered in feral instinct. It’s not clear to me.

    3. Trigger for ELDRITCH HORROR, can you clarify what you imagine a natural messenger to be? I’m curious.

  2. Sorry for the late response. :p

    Benefits are add-ons that I still have to work on when you sacrifice sanity (ie claws, armor)

    I’ll work on trance some more. The idea was an alternative to hack and slash.

    The messenger thing was left vague for player/gm interpretation, but I can make it more clear.

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