6 thoughts on “Player vs Player, how does it work?”

  1. I just had a situation with this last night. Our dwarf grabbed a knife with a bronze/silver inlaid blade and a handle made of a large bone and some kind of skin. The players all screamed no but everyone agreed it was too late. Thror picked it up and it possessed him. He lunged at our fae cat out of envy but our priest reacted quickly enough to block the attack and take the blow. They had an encounter while another party member joined the fight to subdue the dwarf. All of this was just handled in descriptive order. Each reacting to the others and a mix of people rolling. The dwarf did most of the rolling but not always. The narrative changed who the active person was so the dice rolling changed as well. Worked great.

  2. If characters are fighting in the fiction, I can usually figure out who’s rolling what.  If the players just want to punch each other, I don’t bother with move rolls; they each just roll damage on each other until one of them has to figure out a way to make the other stop.  In the fiction, it’s a bad idea for the thief to tick the barbarian off to the point where it comes to blows.  Whoever hits hardest will probably come out on top, the others will have to find a way in the fiction to deal with that.

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