3 thoughts on “A #WorldbuildingWednesday challenge!”

  1. What is it that has captured the imagination of the working men of Ahrenburg? To draw them in droves to the towering tents and raging bonfires of a circus that appeared in the dead of night, seemingly out of nowhere.

    Where are the tracks the caravans ought to have made? It has yet to rain since they arrived. Even more importantly, where are the horses that ought to have drawn the carriages?

    A rambunctious apllause ensues as the ringmaster acends from a trapdoor in the podium. He bows, the point of his hat brushing the tips of his bell-tipped shoes. Welcoming the working men and their families with wild gesticulations, and a grin that could turn milk stawberry-flavoured with but a turn of the head.

    One thing is for certain. This is no ordinary circus. And as hundreds swarm to the grounds and have their fill of the treats and tricks on offer, the thick Autumn mist hangs over the ground like an unspoken omen… boding of fantastical and terrible things yet to come, in this sleepy town of Ahrenburg.

  2. Bodies have been found in the wake of this circus in several locations. Usually attributed to an accident or animal mauling. But you have different suspicions… Wizard… how did those poor souls die and what is your interest in getting to the bottom of it?

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