Good afternoon DW players.

Good afternoon DW players.

Good afternoon DW players. My group and I did a rough draft of a Harry Potter Hack for DW and loved it. We created houses, a wizard sport: WizBall, and went to classes, but it felt incomplete, so I was wondering if anyone has done a Harry Potter Hack before. Thanks guys

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  1. there is a hack for Monsterhearts. 

    There is another project too, Josh Mannon might tell you more. 

    In general i don’t think Dungeon World is the best place to start. 

  2. I played in a Potter-inspired game for 8 sessions or more. It was mostly freeform, but what we found out is that it’s hard to jungle between routine everyday class activities and actual action and adventure as any significant plot and character development will occur over months or even years. If you finish your year too quickly it can feel cheap and rushed – on the other hand, you don’t want to just go to lessons session after session. Monsterhearts might be a better match than DW, because it’s already set in a school. Having some “big bad” like Voldemort can also help to nudge things along: basically, a big ass front that threatens the kids and school, classes themselves (and failing them) can be another front.

    The school must have enough secrets and possibilities that there’s always something to do, and lots of rivalries, tensions and verious relationships (romantic or otherwise) should be created between the students.

  3. The way I have been handling it is putting clues, study time, sports, and the villain’s plan all on a timer so that players both wanted to move time forward and were invested in how their own time was spent.

  4. Hi Matthew Lee ! I’ve written a pretty complete Dueling Class. (focused on combat but has a few other abilities) Would you like to trade notes? I think you will find that with the Duelist, a fair number of the balls are to the walls.

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