I believe Dungeon World was pretty much the most requested game at PAX East’s Games on Demand this year by a pretty…

I believe Dungeon World was pretty much the most requested game at PAX East’s Games on Demand this year by a pretty…

I believe Dungeon World was pretty much the most requested game at PAX East’s Games on Demand this year by a pretty wide margin. I ran nine or ten sessions of Slave Pit of Drazhu myself, and it was amazing seeing how people who’ve never played an RPG or who’ve only played 3.Path reacted to it. 

Highlights of my games included magic missiles that looked like flaming skulls or flaming winged eyeballs, people getting stuck in giant spider webs over bottomless chasms, paladins body-checking orcs, convincing the giant spider that the orcs were food, two groups defeating Dhazhu by Laying on Hands, and the body horror that is three failed Shapeshift checks in a row.

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  1. It really shows how players want more narrative impact, as opposed to more specifically described out powers/spells/things. That’s been my experience, at least, and jives with what you are saying, I think.

  2. I should point out that DW was so popular we actually had to turn people away at a few points because we simply didn’t have enough GMs or tables to run it. It was insane.

    Bob Smith I asked one player what her wizard’s magic missile looked like, and she was stunned because “nobody ever asked me that question before!”

  3. Tim Franzke I think it’s because in D&D, the book flat out tells you what a magic missile looks like. The fluff is sort of “codified” into the rules, so people just assume that a magic missile is always going to be darts of energy.

    People we also amazed that the Cleric could make up his own god, that the Ranger got to custom-build his companion (one person made a mule), or that the Fighter got his cool custom weapon.

  4. Nah. They work on different axis. One is about cool spirit hounds, the other is about being more like a dog and working together better with your dog. 

  5. It just infuriates me that it’s so damn HARD to obtain this game! Nowhere sells it around here, and I can’t get it for under $60 on the internet (FOR A PAPERBACK, COLORLESS BOOK. At least D&D gave me hardback and pretty pictures.) ! If anyone can point me in the right direction I’d actually love to PLAY this game. Until it’s actually obtainable, I suggest FATE Core to everyone I know.

  6. Their website appeared told me (Last I checked) that I should tell my game store to open an account with Alliance Distributions, so I can get the book. Unless it has changed since then…

  7. Well that’s silly. I’m not going to give them money for a paperback book. FATE was hardback, for the same price.

    Cool system. But not worth the amount of money for a paperback rulebook.

  8. Zack Wainwright , really…? Print+PDF for $25 is too much? Ok, your loss…

    And, Sean, I only have one thing to say to you re: your PAX games:




  10. Al Gordon $25 for a paperback book is yes, too much.

    But on top of that, I guess I misread the sight, it looks like you can only order the PDF on the website. I’ve never ordered anything from there. Maybe I’m just misreading.

  11. Zack Wainwright I could make all kinds of jokes about not judging a book by its cover (well, okay, just the one joke), but I definitely recommend checking out Dungeon World if you’re at all interested in tabletop RPGs. You can get the PDF for only $10 at DriveThruRPG, and actually, the book’s textual content is open source, and you can find it on github, as well as legally freely available in HTML format at http://book.dwgazetteer.com/introduction.html .  I actually use the PDF and/or HTML version of the book more often than my physical copy, since it’s so much more handy for searching.

  12. Al Gordon

    I have the PDF! The only problem is, I try to stay way from technology at the table because it just feels distracting, bulky, and hot. So a nice book is fantastic. However, needing to pass this book around often for everyone to look at and such yields the need for it to be a very durable book. So I need to to be tough. And soft-cover. Simply is not tough.

    I love the game! And I will continue to reread the book to the point that I don’t even /need/ the book anymore. Perhaps then I shall play it! But for now. It just doesn’t seem good for my situation to get a soft-cover book.

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