Goblin Totem Weapon:

Goblin Totem Weapon:

Goblin Totem Weapon:

Mostly wielded by small folk like Goblins, Gnomes and Halflings.

Goblin Totems are very personal weapons and are shaped by the one who wields them rather than churned out by a mage guild.  Consequently over time these weapons can be modified by their wielders in many ways.

Base: +1 damage against any creature that size is greater than the wielder. 


-Small fetishes can be added to the weapon to provide +1 Parley bonus involving specific tribal races/cultures  (Goblinoids/lizard men/bullywogs/gnolls/etc) as it represents a familiarity with these groups gleaned after many battles/interactions with them .

-If a bow, worg fangs can be added to the ends to allow for melee

-if a dagger, giant snake fang can replace blade to add +1 Piercing for more effective delivery of poison

-if axe, blade replaced with jaw of a great beast, it’s fangs providing Messy tag

-if hammer, red orc runes can be added to the mallet that simply make it swing faster providing +Forceful tag

-if sword, scabbard whose interior is lined with the gall and kidney stones from a troll that sharp the blade every time it is sheathed or drawn, +1 piercing

These are just some examples of how a Goblin Totem Weapon can be improved.  Every great battle or adventure can provide the opportunity for the weapon to be improved. 

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