In tonights episode of random Dungeon World!

In tonights episode of random Dungeon World!

In tonights episode of random Dungeon World!

Askelion the Wizard, Thellion the Warrior and Gorm the Undefeatable went to Gorms homeland to check out some rumors, that the Simin Combine was holding a young dragon captive. 

Their trading post was overrun by Lizardmen though, the ancestral enemy of Gorms tribe (The Horned Skulls). They saw the post burning and the Lizardmen even brought a batlle station, mounted on a dinosaur!

So in short their was a big fight (including also an Owlbear and a Rat Ogre). It took us about two hours and included an Owlbear pouncing the Wizard and pinning him to the ground to take a bite, dinosaur riding, wall jumping, hideous murder and so on. But everyone fell before their combined might. Actually it was mostly fireballs. Seriously guys. Fireball!

Why not simply Nuke everything with fireball? It’s the solution for 2014! Fireballs. You burn people with it.

Fireballs. Yo.

I apologize

So after some looting (including 600 gold, a valuable pearl and a dragonbreath stone) Ashkelion took his time to Speak with the Dead! Because there where a lot of corpses his first casting wasn’t enough so he went on to the next Lizardmen. At this point the player was really happy to finally have rolled a fail for once (XP hungry he is).

So i brought out the big guns.

A jetblack whip, made out of shadows and starlight came out of the ground and reached for a shadow-summoning bowl that the Wizard had. He managed to hold on to it but the content flew out and poor Ashkelion found himself face to face with 7 Shadows (the monster) of dead Lizardmen.

Meanwhile the Chief of the Lizardmen is still inside the main complex, apparently with someone who hired them to get the dragon.

We ended the session there. Poor Ashkelion now has enough XP to level up to 4 BUT he has to survive 7 pissed of shadows.

And i have to decide how shadows work metaphysically.


Sören Kohlmeyer Max Külshammer Markus Wagner  

5 thoughts on “In tonights episode of random Dungeon World!”

  1. The wizard in our party uses fireball to great effect as well. It’s nice because I can remember the old days of D&D and playing a wizard, when getting the fireball spell felt powerful. It should – it’s a ball of fire!

  2. To me, “fireball” also means moves gallore!

     – melted treasure

     – scenery on fire

     – burnt rafters and the resulting loss of structural integrity

     – flaming, flailing bad guys charging at you

    I’m still waiting for one a player to choose “the spell disturbs the fabric of reality” on a 7-9 for this spell.  So. Many. Options.

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