Need a few ideas for the creative community:

Need a few ideas for the creative community:

Need a few ideas for the creative community:

A player accidently lost his eye and it was replaced by the “lost” eye of a and ancient insectiod “god”.  The eye is hard and gem-like, multifaceted and is much larger than his other normal eye.  It has been set in motion that this being now knows his lost eye has been found and will come looking for it. (sort of riffing off Chronicles of Corum).

I have established that he can now see magical auras and that, when wrapped in gauze/cover with eye patch, he can still see though that eye.  What I would like to do is come up with some cool moves with his eye…I can come up with a few but they are not that exciting or fun. What are your thoughts? 

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  1. what do auras reveal of a person? Their alignment? Their feelings? Their inner power?

    edit 1: Now that I think of it:

    When you analyze someone’s aura, roll+WIS. On a 10+, choose 2, on a 7-9 choose 1.

    – you know how they’re feeling at the moment

    – you know their alignment

    – you know how powerful their magical abilities are

    edit 2: if you like it, you should still expand on the idea to include specifics from your campaign. Like, if it’s centered around gods he may see which god, if any, is protecting the target, if it’s centered around magical objects you could unmistakably identify what magical items the target’s carrying, and so on.

  2. Jason Morningstar oh you!

    Jeff Jones I had a similar thing when a player picked up some Spictrimal mecha-goggles – here’s the move I wrote for him: 

    When you put the goggles on and look around, flicking through the various settings, you will see any normally-invisible magical activity – the winds of magic, sources of ensorcellment, and more. Also,  roll+INT. On a 7+ you also gain some direct knowledge not immediately apparent about the magic – the GM will tell you what. On a 10+ the readings are clear and you avoid any etheric feedback.

    Obviously that’ll need some modification for your player. The take-home message being that, sure you can see magic – can you interpret it a) correctly, b) usefully and c) without hurting yourself? Hope this helps!

  3. Allesandro,  He may not realize that what is what he is seeing…but it amounts swirling flames of light…that not only show the strength of the magic..but also the emotional ‘vibe” of the mage.

  4. Jason, it wasn’t by choice…  😉

    Thanks, Joe. One thought was failure will upgrade the doom track….My goal is to get him paranoid of small insects  😀

    Thanks, Joe…some good stuff there.

    I don’t want to do this move, but in the Chronicles of Corum, Corum could see the a group of people. With his hand of another god, he could summon that group into battle. Once they fought, they were freed, but those who were killed now took that space. Kinda cool, kinda weird. 

  5. Perhaps as a side effect of seeing auras he begins to see or encounter envoys from the insectoid god that is searching for his/her missing eye. It sounds like an almost semi-cursed item for someone other than the god to use. I like Alessandro Gianni discern realities options, maybe add a negative for rolling 6- and see visions of this being stalking him or swarms of bugs are drawn to the character by the “abuse” of this power. I think the other thing to keep in mind is how does one remove the eye should the character not want it anymore.

  6. How about this:

    Gaze of the ancient:

    Roll+Int, on a 10+ the auras of any and all nearby insect and insectoid creatures are visible to you, this might reveal a great variety of things. Some insects are naturally drawn towards objects of power, some instinctively follow the natural lines of magic or maybe all those beetles crawling around behind a wall reveal a secret room. On a 7-9 you only get to catch a short glimpse at the positioning and movement of their auras as they are all drawn towards you. On a 6- the previous owner of your eye sees what you are seeing and he will make sure to find you.

    This would give you as the DM the option to improvise something you would like them to know or maybe distract them if you feel like it.

  7. My clockpunk got a mechanical eye when he gained 5th level. I shudder to think that he did that to himself for the sake of science. Anyway, he can now see through the eye of his mechanical flying monkey (yea I know) and can see in the infrared spectrum. He has to take it out and wind it from time to time, though.

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