Is only having two Player Characters feasible?

Is only having two Player Characters feasible?

Is only having two Player Characters feasible? Wanting to make a real life group but only two people are interested, and the games I’ve GMed have had three at least and I think that is kind of the least number you should have since with two i’d be afraid of monsters/multiple dangers. If you have played with only two PCs do you give them an advantage like a hireling or something? 

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  1. When I started DW with my group only 2 players showed up and it was an awesome night.  Because the monsters actions are largely dependant on PC failure it scales nicely down to 2 players.  My Thief and Druid explored a cave, defeated the undead guardians, fought a giant statue being controlled by brownies from the inside.  It was sweet.

  2. Best DW game I’ve played so far was just me as a Thief, my best buddy as a Wizard, and his brother as the GM. Epic grifting and hilarity ensued, and we were surprisingly effective in battle thanks to being more attentive to each other’s moves and working as a team.

    So yea, it can work real well. 

  3. Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser all the way! As long as everyone is having a good time and the adventure is tailored for 2 I wouldn’t think it would not  be a problem.

  4. It worked really well for a game we played over hangouts (three sessions I think, with Bastien Wauthoz and Kasper Brohus Allerslev). Fights are fun and tense, as both characters get all the attention they deserve.

  5. Don’t make the odds too overwhelming, mostly? You’ll get the chance to build on their answers to your questions as the game goes.

    (Just remembered : I ran a one-shot with tarot two players once, it worked great 🙂

  6. Mechanically you don’t really need to tailor the game for two, DW is amazingly self-scaling. I’ve run a few two-player games over the past few months and the only thing we really altered were bonds, adding a few to reflect relationships with important NPC’s and organizations. 

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