(reposted from my home circles)

(reposted from my home circles)

(reposted from my home circles)

Had good success improvising two-hour Dungeon World games  this weekend at ECCC Games on Demand.  Three players appears to be the magic number for that.

The first game was bananas.  The Paladin was tasked with retrieving a forbidden book from the Tower of Sorcery.  He brought a Thief and an elf Wizard along as subject matter experts.  Total Conan type stuff.  They each hated the Tower for their own reasons — most notably, the elf had a lot of wizard nerd rage going on, he thought the Tower sorcerers were just stupid humans, phony enchanters who did magic crudely and without properly appreciating it.

So the first thing the party did was improvise a massive tower-destroying bomb out of all the eldritch oily rags and gas cans and such that they found in the basement. And of course they triggered it with about four minutes left to go when they were cornered by some evil dream warriors.

I asked them how they survived the explosion. The elf had the best answer:

“I reincarnate,” he said. 

And I was like “oh man I am so gonna make you come back as a dirty human, you pointy-eared bigot.”  But the player boxcarred his defy danger! He opened his eyes centuries later, safe in the  arms of an elven midwife.

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