David Guyll I need your Magic item master crafting ability.

David Guyll I need your Magic item master crafting ability.

David Guyll I need your Magic item master crafting ability.

This staff was crafted from the root of an ancient tree (, it holds power over the natural world. The staff seems to have the ability to make brambles, or tree branches that can entangle or trip an opponent.

(so the idea here is a staff that can cause things to just get in the way of enemies any suggestion?)

A hammer crafted by the lost god of the Dwarfs The Crafter, this hammer was shaped from the first iron ever mined from the world, it has had many owners over the years since, all of them leaders among the dwarfs of the world. 

(I have no idea what it should do, something fun)

One thought on “David Guyll I need your Magic item master crafting ability.”

  1. How about this as a quick idea:

    Root of the ancient protector (close, weight 2):

    When you make camp and the staff has direct access to fertile soil and sunlight, hold 3. Hold can be spend to:

    -cause thin, thorn covered tendrils to sprout from the ground, dealing 1d6 damage to targets in an area (or 1d8 damage if you are in a forest area)

    -cause thick vines and branches to entangle everyone in an area, making it harder for them to move or attack – reduced movement range and players defending against their attacks get a +1 ongoing (also cut damage done in half if inside a forest), this only works for a short amount of time, about 1 minutes maybe.

    -grow healing herbs that have to be used immediately or they wither

    -grow enough edible fruit to feed a single person that have to be used immediately or they wither

    You may also choose to cause a plant to grow that protects you from a fatal blow, this does not use your hold but will cause the staff to wither and die afterward.

    Scepter of the first king (close, awkward, weight 2):

    There is an inscription on the scepters head in an ancient language only the oldest beings are still able to decipher. It reads:“Men shall tremble at the sound of your voice, either in anticipation or fear”

    When you lead the charge into battle and let out your battlecry, those following you are inspired by your courage and gain +1 on their first roll. Those that oppose you will tremble in fear, making their attacks less effective. In addition, if one of those that followed you into battle were to take his last breath, you may call upon his undying loyalty. This allows him to rejoin the fight with half of his max hp. This only postpones his death though, he will still have to take their last breath once the fight is over or he reaches 0hp a second time. You may only do this once per fight.

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