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  1. Any chance of this ever coming to amazon?  Was just looking and someone was selling one for $109.99.  I already bought the pdf, and I usually purchase my books from amazon, so would love to see it there.

  2. This is the best solution. Turn your local retailer on to IPR and you’ll have better access to lots of great games like Dungeon World, and you support three small businesses at once.

  3. Just had it in a cart, but when I saw the shipping cost, I canceled.  I like holding a book, but couldn’t justify that.  I’ll sleep on it, but that’s rough when media mail should only be a few bucks.  (I’m in the middle of nowhere and have no brick and mortar store.)

  4. Is it selling out already? My comic shop hasn’t even gotten an in-stock notice from Alliance Distribution. Should i cut out the middle man (my game/comic shop) and just order from IPR or another site?

  5. From w ha t I was told by my shop, it has never even been in-stock but the listing shows its about to be. I’m getting a little antsy because I want to cut them in on the deal but I don’t want to wait to the point where I risk not even getting my book in doing so.

  6. My local comics store can’t get a good shipping rate from IPR, so they are going to call Alliance, so I hope you guys can get things straightened out with them.

  7. Adam Koebel , I’m having the same issue with Alliance right now. One of the main workers at my shop (pretty large store in my region) told me that the Alliance listing is showing that a restock is imminent, but since I’ve put in my order (about 3-5 days after your announcement), the  number available (in-stock listing) has not changed. So Alliance is acknowledging the new printing, BUT they are not listing it as available for orders even if they do have them in their warehouses on site. I feel bad for bugging my FLGS/LCS, but I think they’ve got their own beef with Alliance over the years for stuff like this.

  8. I found another item at IPR that I would like to have, hoping that I could get more bang for my shipping buck, but the shipping did indeed go up. It didn’t double, but went up higher than I will pay. I did notify them of my concerns. (For those who may think I’m crazy, I have been in distribution for 25 years and know a bit about shipping. Publishing, no – shipping yes. Maybe that’s what’s confounding me.)

  9. IPR sent me an email im response, and are going to work things out. Their approach was professional and courteous, and I will soon have a physical copy. Issues only become problems if they’re ignored, and when folks ho the extra mile to resolve issues, they gain my loyalty!

  10. Just got a call from my comic shop that they are still unable to order from Alliance because they are out of stock.  The comic shop doesn’t want to order from IPR because of the excessive shipping costs.  Is Alliance going to be getting any copies soon?  Adam Koebel?

  11. Jose Fitchett, If you don’t mind my asking, how did they accommodate you?  My local store is trying to order from them but they don’t want to pay those shipping rates.  As a result I’m having a hard time getting the product.

  12. I know, I know, this is a stupid question… however: ohi Adam Koebel and Sage LaTorra , did you never think about a new “Dungeon World, Deluxe Edition”? Something with expanded/polished rules, integrated guide, additional classes and extra CCs? 😀

  13. Andrea Parducci There’s really nothing to add, yet. Fans have created their own content and that’s theirs to publish as they like. Sage Kobold is only ever going to put out DW material that we’ve had a direct hand in. Maybe some day there’ll be enough different stuff for a 2nd Edition DW, but there’s still so much more space to explore with what we’ve got in front of us.

    (also, while the Guide has become basically fan-canon for the game, I don’t think I agree with it 100%! that’s okay, though – disagreement is how things improve!)

  14. Response received from IPR:

    “Yep: it’s a website error. I honestly have no desire to charge you the UPS fee, rather than using (say) USPS Media Mail. But I just work here, and all I can do is report these errors and wait for them to get fixed.

    In the meantime, how about we forget the website and do this?

    Dungeon World [Print+PDF] = $25.00

    Shipping = $5.00

    Handling = $1.20 

    Total = $31.29

    I will need your PayPal email and your physical address.”

    I was pretty pleased with that response and the turn around time. Good luck to everyone else.

  15. Adam Koebel  and Sage LaTorra : Alliance is reporting (still? again?) that they are out of stock and when my FLGS owner calls, they say they don’t know when they’ll have more. Any word on when that’ll be resolved? I wanted to secure this by today for a gift that has a deadline. It’s already going to be late, but if it’s not going to happen soon, I need to go with a backup plan.

  16. Stephanie Bryant IPR is your most-reliable source for the game, right now. Alliance is reporting different things to us than they’re telling stores, so there’s an error there we’re trying to get to the bottom of. Sorry I can’t give you a more specific date!

  17. This is no critique of DW or it’s creators in any way what so ever. I fully understand that IPR is NOT anything but a retailer. BUT $12.37 for shipping that will take OVER 1 WEEK to get to my  house (Nevada to Kansas) is outrageous. I am in the middle of writing IPR right now. (If it shows up in a padded envelope with dented corners I will come unglued.)

  18. The shipping is out of control with these guys. I just looked on USPS at their Priority Mail 2-Day™ 9″x12″ Padded Flat Rate Envelope, it would only cost $5.95 and would show up in 2 days. I assume 2-3 books would fit in that envelope too! My DW copy took 8 days @ $12.39. I assume it came by horse.

    I will say this Adam Koebel, the book is nice, paper is good quality and seems to be glued very well. Thank you!

  19. Yes, I’m a little frustrated myself. I did spring for the $15+ shipping (shouldn’t have but didn’t think to ask about alternatives), but it’s now two weeks from the day I ordered, and I still don’t have my book. Yes, it’s mostly across the country (Nevada to New York) but two weeks when I’m paying that much for shipping is unreasonable. UPS is now saying I’ll get it within another 4 days. 🙁  I’ll e-mail IPR my concerns.

    Also, I had to poke IPR to figure out how to get the PDF. Two people did respond relatively quickly to help me get it though.

  20. An update that I e-mailed IPR and they got back to me the same day and offered to refund my entire $15+ shipping cost. They seem to have some logistical issues but their customer service seems quite good.

  21. So great to play this at Origins (Games on Demand), and to find IPR in the Dealers Room. Bought it and it included a card to get the PDF/mobi package, an awesome bonus now that I use my Kindle Fire so much for gaming. Dropped them a note and had the package within hours. Hope to run the game myself at my FLGS here in Cleveland, and get them to carry the book.

  22. Adam Koebel I’m currently in week two of that run. It’s pretty good. As far as playing the game I’m in a group of 4 pastors at our church (go figure) I’m a Bard in the middle of a jungle island. Also, I just ran a 4 session run of DW w a pirate flair using a few custom play books. Thanks for writing the game. It’s been a huge help for introing players to RPG.

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