Okay does this work/read right

Okay does this work/read right

Okay does this work/read right 

Shield of the Unifier +1 Armour, 1 weight

The first King of men bore this shield, helping him unify the land against the dragons of old. 

When ever you give orders to a Human NPC and have this shield,  it can always considered leverage for parley, and you take +1 forward.

When recruiting and you have The shield of the Unifier take additional +1.

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  1. Hi! If I may I suggest this course of action when crafting magic items: drop entirely stuff like +1 to things like in D&D; instead, give the magic item awesome powers related to its your story.

    You can use the shield to protect you and whoever is behind you from any attack by a dragon (or even from dragon-related magic); when you bear the shield you and your allies never have fear; if the bearer falls in battle and is burned while laying on the shield, his spirit joins those of the kings inhabiting the shield waiting for the ultimate battle at the end of time to come out and fight; during midday, under direct sunlight, you can glimpse a vision reflected on the shield about what’s doing the most powerful human king, while during midnight, under direct moonlight, you could see a brief image about what’s doing the most dangerous dragon alive; the clashing sound of a blade against the shield is particularly irritating to dragons, who will either flee or attack the bearer when he does so.

  2. Whatever works for you buddy! Mine was merely a suggestion 🙂 but I’ll explain myself: I (usually) find +stuff items boring. Like, we dealt with lots of magic swords in my most recent campaign, but we didn’t even think about bonuses or whatnot. One raised the victims as undead (cause there were necromancers involved), one made you amphibious (when approaching a submerged city), another opened portals to other planes (the paladin was part of the planar police)… When crafting magic items, we usually center their powers on what that particular game’s story is about. In other words: if we have to invest time in statting an item, we couldn’t care less about making certain options more powerful; we give them crazy awesome powers that drive the story forward and that seems something that actually pays for the time invested.

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