Does this work as a magic item?

Does this work as a magic item?

Does this work as a magic item?

The Nightingales Blade hand, 2 Piercing, thrown, near, weight 1

The nightingales blade was believed to be forge by the god of thievery and tricky, many thousands of years ago, a gift to the King of Thieves. Rumour has it that it grants the user with longer life.

Life drain

When ever you roll hack and slash or Backstab on a 10+ choose 1, on a 7-9 choose 2.

• Recover Hit Points equal to half the damage done rounding down. or

• Recover Hit Points equal to the damage done, and mark of a charge.

• Bloodlust you must attack another opponent or mark of a charge.

• Draw unwelcome attention to yourself.

The blade has a total of 5 charges, to recharge it once a day you must stab yourself with the Blade.

Can someone suggest changes.

(There will be some more items coming)

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  1. But volley is different then hack and slash in that regard because the trigger is different. Volley is when you aim and shoot. The only way to auto volley is the rangers called shot move.

  2. David Guyll, the magic items you’ve come up with in this community are so good that I would surely purchase a collection of similar magic items by you. I’ve purchased both the Take on Magic Items titles, and enjoy them.

    If you were to create a larger collection, and put the items into categories, then I would suggest sticking with the source material and use the same categories as in (A)D&D.

  3. Okay, this is the volley trigger: 

    When you take aim and shoot at an enemy at range, 

    so when your weapon doesn’t need to be aimed you don’t roll volley but just deal damage. 

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