7 thoughts on “So the Sixth World hack for DW, who has played it?”

  1. There was a complaint recently that it doesn’t handle firefights really well.

    I looked at it ages ago and can’t remember much but I think it does shootemup shadowrun quite well but planny sneaky shadowrun I don’t know. Might have the same “problem” DW has on that front.

  2. I think you could do some really cool stuff with this in terms of just running a mission with very little mission and have moves to support playing-as-if-you’d-already-planned in. No brain, no. Focus on your superheroes hack for now.

  3. Has anyone used the Shaman playbook along with the Spirit rules?  I’m trying to see how everyone handled the spirit moves.

    I am working off of the Revised rules and after a Spirit is summoned (per the move or a fetish) it then can perform Spirit Moves (Harm, Protect, etc.)  What happens if the Spirit fails a move?  The GM makes a move of course but  does the Shaman character get a point XP per normal?  

    The HARM move has the spirit taking the brunt of the punishment on a failure.  Is that worthy of the Shaman marking XP?

  4. I only ask because the Spirits have their own set of moves as well as their own Stats and Sixth World says that “characters earn XP when they fail a move.”  

    I agree that it seems the best to just treat them as an extension of the character.  I was interested in what everyone else thought though.

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