Help/guidance needed, guys!

Help/guidance needed, guys!

Help/guidance needed, guys!

I’m working on my first-ever playbook and I was wondering if there’s a “suggested” number of Moves (basic, 2-5 and 6-10) to consider. To make it interesting and balanced. I’ll be happy to share the results here asap.

Thanks for your attention!

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  1. You want to shoot for at least 20 advanced moves, with a relatively even balance. If you can get more, great, but keep in mind it all has to fit onto a playbook at some point.

  2. Most playbooks (classes) have 3 core moves, not counting the race/background moves. 

    Sometimes one of those will be presented as 2 (animal companion and command) or even 3 moves (e.g. cast a spell, prepare spells, and spellbook).

    If one of those core moves is very conditionally useful and mostly for flavor (e.g. the bard’s port in a storm or the thief’s flexible morals) it doesn’t count against the 3.

    Not all the classes follow this setup (paladin has 4 core moves, thief has 4 + flexible morals), but 3 core moves seems to be rule of thumb.

  3. Thanks, Jeremy Strandberg . I went for 4 basics and 9+11 advanced moves.

    Will post it as soon as I find out how to do it… 😛 Not being very familiar with g+ I’m not sure how I should do it. Sorry for being such a neThandertal.

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