So I played my first session of Grim World tonight.

So I played my first session of Grim World tonight.

So I played my first session of Grim World tonight. I love it, but it left me with a few questions about the Channeler class. I don’t quite get how the Summon Elemental works.  I’m unclear on what the Elemental Attack does when it embodies a tag.  Can it do damage itself if I give it blast or projectile?  Does it do no damage if I give it forceful?  How could it use barrier to give me +1 armor if I lose 1 control anytime it or I would take damage?  I feel like I’m missing something painfully obvious about this mechanic and I’d appreciate a bit of help.

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  1. I thought the technique tag was supposed to be the elemental tag. 

    I am not sure how this is supposed to work now either. Trenton Kennedy ?

    The Elemental Attack move should probably read:  

    Elemental Attack

    When you command your leashed Elemental to use its tag, roll+Control. ✴On a 7+, success. ✴On a 7-9, you also lose 1 Control.

    Otherwise on a 7-9 you just lose 1 control and nothing happens, and i don’t think that is the intent. 

  2. I think You have the right of it Tim. The standard wording works for me though.

     Also, the elemental will do HP of damage if it has the projectile and/or  *blast*. The other tags do other just as awesome stuff, just not damage. Its cool having a pet Elemental, just fickle, especially when you lose control.

  3. Hey guys! The Channeler’s Elemental is mostly governed by the fiction. When you summon one, you choose a tag that it “wholly embodies”. Its appearance and behavior are directly affected by this choice.  A Projectile or Blast tag will make the Elemental focused on dealing damage (it’s probably going to be very aggressive and look dangerous). A Barrier tag will make the Elemental into a big tough tank that sticks around and blocks attacks for you.

    The Elemental Attack move is really a kind of catchall for when you exert control over it to get it to use its tag in the way you want. As for whether non-damage tags can deal damage, I’d say only when it really makes sense in the fiction. If a big, heavy earth barrier elemental sits on you, yeah you’re going to take some damage. But you don’t have direct control over that.

    Does that answer your question? I can go into some examples of elementals I’ve seen in play, if that would help. =)

  4. I would be interested in hearing your examples of elementals, if you don’t mind. I think it’d be a big help in coming up with situations where the Channeler can shine.

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