17 thoughts on “Is it possible to buy a print version of Dungeon World anymore?  Can’t seem to find it anywhere.”

  1. I had to hunt down a copy in a store. I couldn’t get it online, and needed a copy to send to my players (I run remote, but they meet as a group on the other side of the hangout). They only had one in stock,

    Once I had the book in hand I reconsidered; I needed it for me. 

    So yeah, I’m still in the market for a player copy.

  2. My favorite part is the two sellers on Amazon who seem to be selling a single copy for $153 plus shipping. I sure hope Sage and Adam get a good cut of that 😀

  3. Indie Press Revolution is really good at notifying customers when they get a product you’re interested in back in stock. They also announce restocks and new arrivals on their Twitter feed.

  4. Generally, if you pre-order through IPR they’ll let you know when a new printing is on the way.

    Also, thanks for your patience, everyone! We’re still sort of getting the hang of this whole “having a popular game” thing.

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