Hey folks.

Hey folks.

Hey folks.

I’m prepping to run my first game and am struggling with one of the thief moves.

Tricks of the Trade

When you pick locks or pockets or disable traps, roll+DEX.

On a 10+, you do it, no problem.

On a 7–9, you still do it, but the GM

will offer you two options between suspicion, danger, or cost.

Can someone point me to an example of how the offer of two options works? I’m not getting it somehow.

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  1. The GM will offer the person picking the lock two options. So you can do it, but in danger of exposing yourself or making a loud noise, or part of the trap goes off anyway, or that you lose something in the process.

  2. So I see how danger and cost work. But suspicion seems very nebulous to me. Is that like, “you can disable the trap mechanism but it will make an ungodly racket that may attract attention”?

  3. It can be, or if you tried to pick a lock, it takes time and an NPC starts to doubt your skills, or a guard is making his way around and notices what you’re up to.

    Or maybe the GM makes you suspicious, by saying “It looks like this part of the trap might also trigger something else.”

  4. It also is meant to cover multiple scenarios, as the move states. Suspicion is a more obvious choice when picking pockets than locks for me, but it really depends on the fictional situation.

  5. Rob Cain does this mean that as part of the choice they can choose to not successfully use the move to avoid the danger? Or is it that they have to successfully do the move since they rolled a success, but they choose between which option goes with the success?

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