10 thoughts on “#WorldbuildingWednesday”

  1. The “Tomb” entrance is actually the head of a sleeping golem, which is coming to life as you’ve entered. The inside of it’s body is hollowed out but it still manages to break free from the earth and move. It’s angry, seeking to find the creatures that bound it to the earth long before.

    To make things worse, you’re still inside.

    To make things even worse, the golem is gargantuan, climbing down is no easy task.

    To make things horrible, this is a tomb, and the Golem isn’t the only thing waking up.

  2. Examining the ruins in the swamp, the characters notice things that look familiar: The near -buried lines of streets, the outlines of many of the crumbled buildings, even the position of the hills and low lands bear more than a passing resemblance to the layout of their home town. They come across the carved statue of the founder, now toppled and covered with vines, right where it would sit in the town square back home. What is this place? What has happened? And why is the sun setting already? Shouldn’t it still be morning?

  3. The inside of the tomb appeared dimly lit with torches, illuminating a spiral staircase leading downwards. As they begin to descend, the characters are overwhelmed with feelings of unease, despair, and inexplicably- deja vu. A memory teases their minds, just out of reach. Their hands tracing the walls in wonder as they follow the path ever downward. Somehow, they know this place. Every crack in the impossibly smooth walls. Every step down the endless spiral. An unspoken question tormented them all. How can this place be so familiar?

    Finally, the stairs ended at an archway- the entrance to a room of impenetrable darkness. A single step across the threshold and the darkness is broken by glowing amethyst writing. Inscribed on the walls, in a language they shouldn’t understand, is the history of a fallen empire. A story that resonates within their souls.

    At the chambers center, countless bodies appear to be floating in glass tanks- necessitating further inspection. Horror numbs our protagonists as submerged eyes begin to open at their approach. Submerged eyes that, impossibly, belonged to hundreds of perfect copies of our heroes. The last remaining seed of a forgotten people waiting to be reborn.


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