9 thoughts on “I love this game!”

  1. Yeah I think Druids are definitely the most interesting class and can totally turn the game into something unexpected. Like this same druid also talked to a lot of the animals I had defending the tree thinking they would fight but no convinced them otherwise.

  2. Don’t underestimate the Bard. That Charming and Open move is powerful. First game I ran the Bard started conversing with one of the  Ice Witch’s undead minions from within the safety of a sanctified area (thanks to the Cleric). Using Charming and Open, the Bard discovers that the minion just wants to be free of the enchantment cast on him, which will happen when the Ice Witch is defeated. They bargain, and the minion leads them safely through the castle to ambush the Ice Witch. It was awesome, and all completely made up on the spot.

  3. Lol! Its the move Thing-Talker which allows the Druid to gain the essence of inanimate objects as well as animals to shape shift into them. 

    Hmm the Bard on my party hasn’t seemed to use that move yet, I might have to encourage it.

  4. That Bard move can be a bit tricky, as its trigger is “when you speak frankly with someone”. It relies on the player, not the character, telling the GM that they’re being honest. But you can nudge them along by asking the player if their character is speaking frankly.

  5. Yeah as they are new players I kind of want to go don’t forget you have this cool move, but then I feel I’m leading them if I do that so it’s a little bit tricky.

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