Guys. Ran my first DW session last Friday. I come from a background of F20 (a la Robin Laws). I was pretty proud that I resisted the urge to have them do “perception” checks to just see stuff. Instead I invoked moves like: “Show signs of an approaching threat” (You glance back and see a couple goblin heads peeking around the corner) and “Reveal an unwelcome truth”.

But I have one character who is a Druid.

The Druid is from the Towering Mountains, and chose to shapeshift into a Bear. Do I need to come up with a move on the spot for the animal he changes into? From reading the Shapeshifter move, it sounds like yes. So I gave him Trample and Thick Furry Hide. Trample: if he does damage to an opponent in Hack and Slash, he knocks them down. Thick Furry Hide: means he has +1 armor if he takes damage until he rolls a 6- in Hack and Slash. Now that I think about it, the Hold 3 or Hold 1 would automatically limit Thick Furry Hide, and I can take away the clause about “until he rolls a 6-” Comments? I feel like those are still a bit too F20.


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  1. The Druid moves are supposed to be just things that they can do, like “shrug off a blow” or “trample”. They just do those things, no roll needed. Look up the hashtag druidweek (I’m not going to type it because I don’t want to link to the thing) honestly, it’ll help answer a bunch of your questions.

  2. Thanks Giovanni. I did hashtag Druidweek, but most of the info looked pretty advanced. However your explanation explains it much better for me. Thanks!

  3. Some players (including the GM) like coming up with lists of specific moves for specific animals. That’s cool. But I handle animal moves the same way Giovanni Lanza does. Is the Druid player doing something that can only be done when they’re in animal form? If so that costs a hold.

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