Adrian Thoen Alatha Admin Here are come initial attempts at my first compendium class called the Smuggler

Adrian Thoen Alatha Admin Here are come initial attempts at my first compendium class called the Smuggler

Adrian Thoen Alatha Admin Here are come initial attempts at my first compendium class called the Smuggler

The Smuggler 

When you act as a middle-man in dealing with the black-market or other illegal businesses you may take this move when you level up.

Everyone has an angle in life. Yours is always to be one step ahead of the other guy. Everyone is looking for something better, you know where to find it.  

When you broker a deal with a questionable trading partner roll+CHA. On a 10+ they can acquire your item or information with no complications. On a 7-9 they can acquire your item over longer period of time and the GM picks two complications. On a 6- they don’t know where to find you item or information you need and you have three complications. 

•        Your supplier silently lets word out on the market about your arrangements.

•        Your supplier is suspicious of your track record and delivers a substandard item or outdated information. 

•        Your buyer backs out in fear and hangs you out to dry with the supplier.

•        Your buyer covers their tracks and turns you in to the authorities.

•        A rival appears to compete with you for the said item or information.

•        Authorities have been alerted to your practices and are now looking for you.

Once you’ve taken Smuggler, the following moves count as class moves and you may choose from this list whenever you level up.

Don’t anger the Wookie – You may recruit an extraordinary hireling with 10 points to be distributed between loyalty and skills. This hireling has high loyalty and low cost as determined by the fiction.

You never heard of? You may acquire a steed of extraordinary ability, choose two.

•        Faster than the average steed

•        Larger than the average steed

•        More durable than the average steed

•        Usual transportation – flys, swims underwater or has some other fiction determined mode.

•        Is as intelligent as a character

I wouldn’t necessarily limit this to animals only, flying carpets, mobile huts or other things could be potentially acceptable.

That bad, huh?  You may discern realities when you are in a dire situation. Roll+Wis. One a 10+ ask the GM 3 questions from the list below. On a 7-9, ask 1.  

•        Who can I talk to in order to prolong the consequences?

•        Who here might be sympathetic to my cause?

•        What around here may be useful to devise a plan?

•        What is the quickest route out of trouble?

Not really happy with That bad huh, and will probably tweak it somewhere down the road.  

Looking forward to your feedback and comments. 

16 thoughts on “Adrian Thoen Alatha Admin Here are come initial attempts at my first compendium class called the Smuggler”

  1. Pretty good!

    Instead of that bad, I might have a move that’s based on reading the motivations or breaking points of another.

    Questions like:

    What are they willing to pay for ______?

    How much will it cost to get them to ______?

    What do they want the most?

    What do they fear the most?

  2. David Guyll I really like that idea about an exotic hireling/companion.  I was thinking of the That bad, huh as some sort of fast talking ability to get out of a jam.

  3. Tim Franzke David Guyll I think the steed could be anything the fiction allows, fly carpet, mobile hut, air ship, huge beast of burden, whatever might fit the character & story.

  4. shouldn’t the word be mount or something like this then? 

    And what if i say my steed/mount is a griffon. Being able to fly is not an unusual form of transportation for a griffon. Do you choose options first and then decide what your steed is or do you choose a form and then add special features to it? 

  5. Tim Franzke I think steed or mount is a matter of preference, use what you like. I considered mount in drawing up the move, but steed sounded a little more exciting.   As far as unusual transportation, I think that would be determined by he fiction, what is everyone using for transportation. In your standard setting, flying would probably be unusual, in Inverse World it sounds pretty normative.

  6. Additional Smuggler Moves

    Never tell me the odds – When you hear how difficult a situation is, it emboldens you, +1 forward to Defy Danger.

    Better lucky than good – You may parley in a situation where you lack leverage but trade on your reputation to deliver goods or possess valuable information.


    Hokey religions are no match for a good weapon at your side – As long as you have a weapon in hand you have more confidence against magical effects, +1 forward to defying dangers of a magical nature.

    That’s my baby – You made add two additional abilities to your steed/mount/vessel.

  7. Never tell me the odds, 

    when you attempt a crazy stunt even though it is nearly impossible, take +1 forward. 

    Otherwise this would resolve in +1 ongoing as long as the other players support you. 

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