Arcane Trickster

Arcane Trickster

Arcane Trickster

Here’s my attempt at an Arcane Trickster type compendium class. Feedback appreciated! As always feel free to alter it to best suit yoru game(s).

When you rob a wizard, despite their best magical protections, mechanical traps and arcane wards, you may take this move when you level up:

Arcane Trickster:

You are especially skilled at dealing with magical foes. DEX is always an option for you when Defying Danger against magical effects.

Once you’ve taken Arcane Trickster, the following moves count as class moves and you may choose from this list whenever you level up.

What’s Mine Is Mine:

Whenever the Arcane Trickster is searched, the Arcane Trickster can decide what items are or are not found on their person. Some or all of the Tricksters items can remain hidden, regardless of how well they are searched. This ability does not negate the weight of items and normal encumbrance rules apply.

What’s Yours Is Mine:

The Arcane Trickster can use the thief move “Tricks of the Trade” on any appropriate target within Near range without having to come into physical contact with it at all. If the character does not have “Tricks of the Trade” they acquire that move as well.

Now You See Me!:

If the Arcane trickster is out of sight for even a second, they can create an illusionary duplicate of themselves. The duplicate can be easily controlled but must remain within Near range of the Trickster and be seen by the Trickster. If touched, the illusion will fade and the deception will be revealed.

Now You Don’t!:

If the Trickster is out of sight for even a second, they can become invisible as per the first level Wizard Spell: Invisibility.

3 thoughts on “Arcane Trickster”

  1. I really like the now you see me now you don’t moves and What’s Yours Is Mine (i don’t get why it has this name though). 

    I am not sure i would take what is mine is mine jsut because it creates tension in the group. I am also not 100% sure how this interacts with NPCs, especially if they are hostile. How do you know what you can take from them? 

    Arcane Trickster is interesting but can you explain why you think this needs a +1 ongoing? 

    Also because it is topical, my two takes on the base archetype

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