13 thoughts on “That’s is what remains after a session”

  1. Ah, okay. I’m in the U.S. where such things would probably NOT be fake.

    I’ve had gamers bring guns to my games. I did not like it at all, and I wouldn’t allow it in my house if I were hosting.

  2. Caoimhe Ora Snow I have a gamer in my group that is an FBI agent.  When they are on call, they wear their vest and sidearm.  Makes for interesting conversations when we go out to eat.

    I trust this person to keep the gun holstered as long as they are in my house.  The illegal stuff doesn’t happen at my house.  The FBI agent wouldn’t be able to play then.  😉

  3. Heck, I live in Washington State where there is less “illegal stuff” than there used to be.  Alas, company policy trumps state law and that no-longer illegal stuff is still out of bounds.

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