I’ve finally sat down and tried to create my Campaign Fronts.

I’ve finally sat down and tried to create my Campaign Fronts.

I’ve finally sat down and tried to create my Campaign Fronts.  I don’t feel great about it, but it’s good to have something on paper.  It’s a starting point, I guess.  I’d love some feedback as to how to punch it up.  Like I said, it feels pretty weak.  Thanks.

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  1. Try to think up a little history for the Crystal Club… that’ll inform what the cult is seeking to do on it’s behalf. Perhaps it’s a shard of “The Great Crystal Mount” or something, and seeks to shatter it entirely. Since the Crystal Mount is the lynchpin of all reality, that’ll cause the world to start to break up into islands in space or something, should it be destroyed. that sort of thing. 

    Is “Will” a PC? If so, you have some stakes built into that character’s interactions with the NPC cast. Do you have a good idea of the PCs pasts at this point? Or is it still pretty unclear? Whatever you have on the PCs, weave things that are important to them into the goals of the bad guys, leaving those things at stake. PC X is from a quaint village? Well then said village should be in the way of those giant ants.

    What you have seems good enough overall. That is, it’ll evolve once you start playing into better stuff over time, as you get more of a sense of how play goes. Just flesh out the sketchy starting details with stuff that makes sense with how play is unfolding, and it’ll become more and more interesting. 

  2. Thanks, Mike Holmes.  Will is, indeed, a PC who decided during character creation that he had a relationship with the Duke’s wife.  That is certainly something I want to explore.  I was trying to think of a way to tie the crystal club (and find a better name for it) into the plot involving the ancient gnomes or the underdark.  I’ll do some additional brainstorming.  Thanks again.

  3. I added notes to the document as we played our most recent session.  I love how this game allows and encourages the players to fill in the blanks as we play.  I’ve never had an RPG experience like this one in the 30 years I’ve been playing.  So refreshing.

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