Sharing from my current campaign.

Sharing from my current campaign.

Sharing from my current campaign. The players arrived at the ancestral homeland of the Lizardmen, i.e. the Fighters birthplace.

Upon questioning the player about Lizardmen, the following came up:

– Lizardmen are not mammals…

– … and as such they lay eggs, one egg at a time.

– The parents however do not incubate the eggs themselves!

– The eggs are incubated in huge nests located in a pyramid-like structure!

– The eggs are kept warm by keeping the pyramid warm.

– The pyramid structure is the single-most well-defended structure in a city

– A group of elite warriors are tasked with guarding all entrances, day and night.

– And what about the parents? Well, lizardmen can smell how closely related they are to other lizardmen, preventing inbreeding. They can also recognize their parents (and vice versa).

Just thought I would share. This is probably the coolest fantasy race I’ve had the pleasure of including in a game.

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  1. Wynand Louw I do not know whether or not the player has seen the movie or read the book, so there’s that. I think the argument was efficiency, and since you could smell if people were in your family, no one lost anything by doing it.

  2. Whether or not it’s an intentional reference, John Carter’s adventures are cited as an inspiration in the foreword to OD&D. So you’re bang on.

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