Tragedy has befallen me… Our weekly session got cancelled due to sickness, just after I got well myself >_<


As such I’ll host a one-shot via hangouts. If anyone’s interested, it’ll be at 7 PM, UTC+1. Anyone can join, but I’d like to keep down to three players, due to the limitations of hangout gaming.

Game pitch

A mystic, crimson portal was uncovered below Castle Thornhold after an old wall accidentally collapsed, revealing a section of the castle previously unknown.

Lady Moriana Rosethorn, matriarch of house Rosethorn and resident of Thorn, feared where it might lead. In an attempt to uncover this mystery, she hired a band of adventurers to go through, but alas they did not return. After fourteen days, the portal was sealed off from the rest of the castle out of fear.

Last night however, young Lord Byros, firstborn of Moriana and heir to House Rosethorn was abducted, and the seal to the portal was broken. A note was placed at the stairs to the portal. “Life for life, blood for blood.”

You have all been summoned, and your goal is simple; retrieve young Byros Rosethorn. Should you succeed, one of the most influential nobles in the land will forever be in your debt.

Character level : 8.

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