Hey there, I’m wanting to buy Dungeon World.

Hey there, I’m wanting to buy Dungeon World.

Hey there, I’m wanting to buy Dungeon World. I’ve been watching folk play it on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/itmeJP) and it looks like good fun, but the only place I can find a hard copy is IPR and its all sold out. Anyone know how long it will take to come back into stoke?

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  1. I’ve noticed the only way to get your hands on one is to ask your local Game store if they can order it from Alliance Distribution.

    Call around, ask them if they can order for it. Somewhere is bound to let your do it.

  2. Gremlin Legions  I did this at first, but man is it hard to do quick references with your group on a PDF. I always suggest the physical book because you can have bookmarks for quick flipping back and fourth during your adventure. I would suggest only useing the PDF as a last resort, because the physical book is just so much easier to actually use.

  3. I don’t have too bad of a time using the PDF when playing, especially on a touch screen. Some PDF programs let you set bookmarks as well. That being said, I still like having the physical copy in my hands

  4. Alas I’m stuck in the past and don’t have any form of tablet, plus my computers a desktop so I dont have a laptop I can take about with me. Any ideas when the new print is coming? Was hoping to run a game quite soon.

  5. Zack Wainwright I downloaded an ePub version from one of the SRDs (no artwork), but if you buy the ebook from DriveThruRPG, it includes the .mobi and .epub versions of the files as well, for ereaders.

    Matthew Seager My advice, for now, would be to read in PDF from your computer, print out the character sheets, GM moves, and basic moves for your game, and be patient. This question was literally asked and answered 5 days ago, so I wouldn’t expect the answer to be much different from “soon.”

  6. Just to pile on, I also an curious about how to buy a print version. I bought the DriveThruRPG pdf, and its great, but sometimes a bound book is better.  Has the publisher considered Lulu print on demand?

  7. Stephanie Bryant In the meantime, I would go with either free version or buy from like you suggested. I think the only printer in the Indie Press Revolution. Zack Wainwright I think the advice on printing out the basic sheets will help you play the game more than anything else.  One of the very freeing factors of DW is not having to reference the book all the time during play once you have a grasp of the basics.

  8. When I went to buy a copy of the book, IPR’s shipping was so outrageous, I ended up getting it from Noble Knight Games. Unfortunately, Noble Knight is also out of the book right now.

  9. Fr. Tom

    I suppose this sit rue, I mainly only use it so I can constantly remind myself of monsters, and settings and adding towns and such. I just keep it for reference so I always have it available. and I always know I’m doing things right.

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