18 thoughts on “Are there any alternatives to fighter that are not centered around signature weapon?”

  1. Your English is actually really good! I know that Adam & Sage are working on a variant Fighter for their Inglourious supplement. Other than that, I’d try the following: #fighterweek

  2. I think there are a number of alternative playbooks: The Brawler, The Brute, The Pitfighter, are all unarmed variants of the fighter.  The Slayer is a monster hunter variant and Grim World has the Battlemaster, Skirmisher and Slayer playbooks.  Some are free, some cost money.

  3. Remember, this game was designed to be malleable. If you have the creativity, and wish to create another class, there is a section of the book dedicated to making another class.

  4. I’d like to recommend a few of my own, it would be nice to see them played. 🙂

    The Warbeast is probably the closest to a fighter with no weapon focus. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mOIKfPxAdhU4DD1SbQNuOaNz1oufiga2eSw5KT9X-mk/edit?usp=sharing

    The Stalwart is a more defense focused warrior… https://docs.google.com/document/d/1atMjadSO5vOcYT6Rre6DslTnyPxhZ5bZS3x6C10sjyE/edit?usp=sharing

    The Swashbuckler is less of a straight up fighter, but he can fight well potentially… https://docs.google.com/document/d/1esiEVANu3EfdI9yxcwdiaz3BYuK3WfGpVjpIF-BqHoc/edit?usp=sharing

    And the Doomblade might be interesting to you, though it needs some work to be playable… https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u5K7aL-hjzvbnBl8szhHVgA8cK5r_AKWWer6KH9v4HA/edit?usp=sharing

  5. I think a fair question might be: what would define an awesome Fighter in your mind, if not being the master of a unique weapon?

    There are some good suggestions here (I too love the Barbarian!), but without knowing what you want to get out of the class it’s kinda hard to know what would be right for you.

  6. James Etheridge Rangers have bows, wizard staves, rogues daggers, swashbucklers pointy rapiers, clerics maces etc. Fighter on the other hand is the master of arms, he should be able to wield anything; swords, giant axes, crossbows, bucklers, sabres, flails, tower shields…

    And it probably doesn’t end there; mounted combat, forgotten martial techniques, siege engines, skirmish tactics, leadership.

    Maybe not every fighter needs to be a leader, knight, tactician or warlord, but it could be in the advanded moves.

    But my real reason for not liking signature weapon are the artifacts. We are currently playing odnd and thinking about swithing to DW. Joy from the loot and quests for legendary items are one of the things we are not ready to give up. Why start with your awesome weapon, when getting it is part of the fun. And It’s weird that fighter’s main move would become obsolete with the first rare weapon found.

    And no, Blacksmith is not the solution. Can you imagine breaking down Frostmourne for parts?

  7. The Gladiator sounds like it might be a good starting place for you (mind you, I’m not familiar with several of the other suggested options). It definitely has a “master of many weapons” vibe as well as a starting CHA-based move which could be very useful for either a leader type or just a frontline fighter in general. Also, Arsenal allows you to be better at wielding a favorite artifact you might pick up without actually damaging that artifact, by bringing dirty tricks, extra weapons and whatnot into play.

    As for mounted combat: it has multiclassing into Ranger as an option, so you can pick up a suitable animal companion as a loyal steed (or warbear, whatever floats your boat).

    Getting into siege engines and army leadership on top of all that feels like spreading the concept a bit thin for a typical playbook (and it’s a bit off the beaten adventuring path), but maybe other folks can offer suggestions along those lines.

  8. Master Of The Next Weapon (Replaces Signature Weapon)

    When you pick up a weapon you haven’t used yet and give it a few test swings, roll+INT. On a hit gain 2 hold. Additionally on a 10+ gain +1 ongoing until you run out of hold. The GM will tell you one or more moves associated with your new weapon. Spend your hold to make one of those moves. On a miss, this weapon does nothing for you and you won’t use it, giving you -1 ongoing until you find a new weapon.

    Advanced move level 2+: Pros And Cons – After you run out of hold granted by Master Of The Next Weapon and get a chance to reconsider the weapon, you may re-trigger Master Of The Next Weapon. If you don’t, no worries, this’ll do just fine as it is for now.

    Advanced move level 6+:  Creative Master – When you hit on Master Of The Next Weapon, gain +1d4 hold. On a miss, get 1 hold anyway, but once that runs out this weapon holds nothing for you. Rid yourself of it or take -1 ongoing until you find a new weapon.


    Basically a remake of Shapeshifter, with a few different bits and bobs.

  9. Core idea is good, but I’m not really keen on permanently penalizing sweet new treasure because of one unlucky roll, especially one based on a stat that is traditionally lower-priority for the class. Maybe just leave the 6- result up to the GM?

    Also, “getting a new weapon” seems like  a pretty low-frequency trigger to refresh a core move that you can only use twice. If it were me, I’d nix the +1 ongoing, make it 1 hold and +1 on a 10+, and have it refresh after you rest.

    I guess if your fighter is picking up a new weapon after every two encounters it’s not so bad as-is. That just seems a pretty high rate for me, personally.

  10. Alexander Davis Sounds good 🙂

    Is the tag determined when you pick up the weapon? Or do you have to train with it for few hours to attune for it? Or did you mean something more physical like sharpening the blade?

    Paride Papadia Nice, thx. I like how his damage doesn’t scale with simple +1d4/+1d8, but with the help of fury.

  11. That updated trigger was meant to make it rerollable. Besides, that -1 ongoing is only until you pick up the next orc sword or whatever, and having that move would be a cue to the GM that you want there to be weapons around. Still, I just came up with that of the top of my head. If you like it at all, steal it, tweak it, whatever.

  12. Additionally, the first advanced move “I don’t trigger the base move” is supposed to remove that penalty. The weapon is fine now, after all. Sorry, just left that implied

  13. Vlastimil Valluch I would leave the specifics up to each game group, but personally I would allow the choice to be made on the fly, as it suits the fighter.

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