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  1. Say for example I wanted to make a werewolf class, where the wolf form was my main spamable ability, could I then somehow make it a toggling ability with which I toggle between being a wolf and a man, each having their own advantages and disadvantages?

  2. You could handle it the way the Druid playbook handle Shapeshifting. Just have two sets of stats, one for man form and the other for werewolf. This is something you would normally handle in a Starting Move. If you don’t want a roll to be involved then you don’t have to include one in the move. Many playbooks offer abilities that require no rolls at all. The question at hand is do you want the character to be able to switch back and forth with no chance of failure? Are there certain conditions that need to be met before a transformation can take place?

  3. Can you?  Of course!  There’s some crazy stuff that people have made for custom classes and made work.  Along the lines of using the Druid mechanics, there’s this Shifter playbook from Giovanni Lanza.


    If by “toggle,” you mean a completely different set of moves/stats based on whether you were wolfed out or not… certainly seems doable.  My biggest concern would be fitting it on a standard-sized character sheet.  But if that’s not a concern, go nuts.

    The key thing, to me, would be making the toggle fictionally interesting and not just a stat swap.

  4. The main problem with two-states kind of mechanics is: 

    Why wouldn’t you always want to be in cool transformation form? 

    What does your normal form offer you that makes it interesting too? Otherwise you are just always transformed. 

  5. One possibility is great power high cost. You turn into a monster but it erodes your sanity. Or you transform into a spirit form but you start losing you ability to become corporeal. Or like the curse of the Black Pearl you become invincible but also inhuman.

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