Quick!  I need stats for an ROUS!!

Quick!  I need stats for an ROUS!!

Quick!  I need stats for an ROUS!!

I have described it as being “chest high” to the 2-headed ettin, and having front teeth “as long as zir forearm”. It’s already been blasted by the ettin’s fireball, and is badly singed, but charging. I need a move or two, a tag, some HP, etc…

(This is for play-by-post, so no absolute panic, but in the next few hours or day would be terrific).

4 thoughts on “Quick!  I need stats for an ROUS!!”

  1. This was suggested by one of my players:

    ROUS (Rodent of Unusual Size)

    Group, Large, Organized, Intelligent, Hoarder

    Gnaw (d8+4 damage, 1 piercing) 14 HP 1 Armor

    Close, Reach, Forceful, Messy


    Rodents of Unusual Size? I don’t think they exist. Instinct: To devour

    • Leap forward and rip something (or someone) apart

• Swarm something (or someone)

    Notes (rather, what I chose based on the Monster Creation Guide – have a read if you get any spare time, it’s really neat and easy to create monsters on the fly with):

    • Group (2-5), base damage d8, 6 HP

    • As big as a cart: large, close, reach, +4 HP, +1 damage

    • Leathers or thick hide: 1 armor

    • Unrelenting strength: +2 damage, forceful

    • Uncanny endurance: +4 HP

    • It’s armaments are vicious and obvious: +2 damage

    • It’s armaments can slice or pierce metal: messy, +1 piercing

    • It organizes into larger groups that it can call on for support: organized, write a move about calling on others for help

    • It’s as smart as a human or thereabouts: intelligent (GM, I’ll let you decide that – rats are pretty smart, after all)

    • It collects trinkets that humans would consider valuable (gold, gems, secrets): hoarder (GM, again, your decision on this one)

  2. Woops, I was going to re-post it here and forgot. Thanks Gillian Wiseman 

    I was actually iffy on the Hoarder tag, having forgotten the fact that the ROUS were part of Fatheril’s Experimental Zoo collection; but, then again, Ettin Wizards always love collecting unique items.

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