11 thoughts on “I created a python program that creates a Monster Cards PDF.”

  1. The code does not currently have any support for artwork. For backs, I’m currently just using a word processor (LibreOffice). I hope to add support for generating a cards back PDF in the future. For monster artwork, I’m not sure there is room, especially for monsters like Formian Centurion, Lich, and Orc Breaker.

    I’m intrigued by the idea of pulling monsters form Magic. There is a lot of creativity there.

  2. This is fantastic! What about having artwork as the back? Depending on how you use these at the table, it might not be an issue. Especially if the card is inserted into a sleeve that already has a blank card in it to hide the back (like if you plan to have your players draw from the monster pile for the next wandering monster or encounter).

  3. I enjoy the black outline images for monsters. You get an idea of their shape but that is about it. BareBones Fantasy comes to mind. Simple and easy to create.

  4. If you want, I wrote a script that interfaces with the Dungeon World codex(1200+ monsters), and generates wiki pages from them. It could be adapted to feed the info into your program. I’ll look into it when I finish this next week.

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