Hey everyone.

Hey everyone.

Hey everyone. Just recently found the Tavern, and in the process of reading through the DW rulebook. I was wondering if someone would be willing to take a newbie DW-player (and RPG-player for that matter) for the ride? The problem is, I live in Finland (GMT +2), which might cause some scheduling issues.

I’ve followed Rollplay R&D on youtube, and got really interested in AW and DW and really look forward to trying it out.

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  1. Tim Franzke – do you plan to record the “hardcore” game to post for us? I would be interested in watching that play out for my own reference. I’d even give you a genuine U.S. penny for it. That’s ONE WHOLE CENT!

  2. Spike Gowers from reading it, I don’t think the rules are different. It’s just more dangerous / deadly in an environmental way and you need to play smart/careful or get beaten up. The actual game rules will probably be the same though.

  3. It means that hard moves will be enforced with full prejudice. 

    Think of it as an added principle 

    – don’t pull your punches on hard moves 

    Still things like being a fan of the character are in effect so i am not out to go and kill people. 

  4. Oh no, I’m well aware that folks outside of America are more often bilingual. 🙂 I could never learn another language myself, I don’t think I have the correct type of intelligence for it.

    I guess, as folks are prone to do, I just assumed you were from my country and thus wasn’t expecting an accent! Maybe your first name threw me off? I don’t know. I’m just being ignorant, I guess!

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