What I learnt from DW this week:

What I learnt from DW this week:

What I learnt from DW this week:

– It is possible to kill a warlord magically coated with 1cm of steel everywhere except his feet. But it isn’t pleasant.

– A Rangers “cat” can be called Mittens because it coughs up mittens rather than having different coloured paws.

– Stinky Pete’s house being mistaken for a privy is still funny after 20 years.

– A fat and ugly Barbarian is still fat and ugly after they don a shawl that appears to change their sex.

– Dragons are very bad news and can “kill” half a party.

– That I keep forgetting Resurrection is a 3rd Level spell that is easier to achieve no matter what the GM chooses if the players have just saved the kingdom from a Dragon.

– A charm of weather control can be very powerful in the hands of smart characters.

– That Barbarians can destroy anything once they put their mind to it, even ancient elvish artefacts.

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  1. Oliver Granger – I believe I was eschewing ‘a convention of the civilised world’ at the time.

    John Lockard – Ha! I wish I’d thought of that 20 years ago. He’d be even more memorable. He does sit permanently on a bucket in the middle of the tavern, so that’s pretty memorable on its own.

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