20 thoughts on “I did some props for the adventure Slave Pits of Drazhu.”

  1. Alisson Vitório Looks Great! Is there any chance you would share your files for the cards for the community to reuse? Would love to be able to print something nice like this up for introducing people to the game and to have on hand for quick one shots.

  2. Sorry for the late answers guys!

    Chris McGee, I made the GM screen using some covers from old exercise books, a nice illustration from Internet (sorry, I don’t remember who drew it) and some useful informations for GMs.

    Mike Wice, of course I can do that! It’ll be too easy to translate the text to english. You’ll get in your hands asap!

    Thanks for your compliments!

  3. Although, excellent work. I really thought you purchased all of this stuff. you had me googling “Dungeon World kit. Then I realized you made this yourself. Really really impressive. If you could get this into the hands of the community. you could really get yourself some credit. ahaha

  4. Alisson Vitório sou um novo jogador de Dungeon World comprei meu exemplar mês passado e quero mestrar essa aventura The Slave-Pit of Drazhu – Jason Morningstar, seria muito bom ter esse background ai para animar meus velhos jogadores num sistema novo, se puder disponibilizar esse material ou ao menos o template seria de grande ajuda.Abraço e parabéns pelo trabalho.

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