6 thoughts on “Hazards of running a shared-setting DW game:”

  1. I think so… there was a storm, and a murder, and then a demon who brought lots of fire and a little mystery and now they’re marooned on the Isle of Wastes, in which they are apparently going to be taken prisoner by a bunch of amazonians.

    It’s not easy to run an investigation story with a literal mind-reader in the party, but I did my best.

    But, sorry. I broke your pretty boat.

  2. We have 6 players (total) and a campaign space on Tavern Keeper. I just started a 3-session run as the GM. When I’m done, my character (who is absent from this adventure) levels up and someone else GMs for 3 sessions.  Everyone earns XP as normal. Since we’re all taking turns GMing, nobody really falls behind, in the long run.

    In practice, what’s likely to happen is that each GM will have some specific fronts to explore with the party, and we switch our focus to a different set of fronts when the next GM takes over.

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