14 thoughts on “OK”

  1. When you get trapped in a Death Maze by a crazy AI, roll+INT 

    On a 10+ It’s actually not that bad and there is cake

    On a 7-9 you have to think with portals

  2. When you watch a portal video, Roll+Con.  On a 10+, it’s cool, you’ve been playing FPS games since Doom came out.  On a 7-9, OK, maybe you feel a little something in your stomach but as long as you don’t play too long you won’t be sick.  On a miss, your stomach will make a hard move.

  3. Farore’s Wind

    You have a tiny orange ball of the nether. Whenever you throw the ball against a solid surface a hole is ripped in the fabric of reality, and the ball turns blue and re-appears in your hand. When you throw the ball again, another portal is opened which connects to the previous portal, and the ball returns to your hand, orange in color.

    Be warned, portals cannot be closed. Ever. There can only be new portals opened in alternating colors, blue and orange. Each newly created portal is connected to the previous one.

  4. Now I kind of want a red and a blue road from Settlers of Catan and a red and a blue tile with ‘F’ on one side and ‘C’ on the other.  Then I could used them to indicate portals on walls/floors/ceilings on a dungeon map…

  5. Cannibalize likely moves from other playbooks but tweak them to be portals.

    When you create your first portal in this area roll +Dex

    On a 10+, hold 4

    On a 7-9, hold 2

    On a 6- hold 1, GM makes a move

    Spend hold 1 for 1 to use your portals to:

    Escape. +1 forward Defy Danger

    Get the drop on someone. (Similar to thief’s backstab)

    Bypass or remove an obstacle (modify Bend Bars, Lift Gates)

    I’m just winging it off the top of my head here, I’m sure I could come up with a dozen more with some work.

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