[Original Briarwood post]

[Original Briarwood post]

[Original Briarwood post]

Inspired by The Sanguine Forest and a few or the other Starters, this morning’s idea is to write a solo DW adventure with lots of little dangers/opportunities and one big monster/treasure.

The forest is a front, wedged between mountaincliff caves and a hungry sea. The map is a series of circles arranged like a hexgrid, each containing one danger or opportunity (magic fountain, mushrooms, thorns, a lost backpack, snakes) and failures in one circle could attract dangers from an adjacent circle.

The whole thing would be a quest for the big treasure, and the player could explain why they had to go alone.

I am making this asap.

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  1. Not solo as in “run it yourself”, though I reckon I could script that!

    Solo as in for one PC and one GM, maybe as an intro for a child, a spouse, or just an origin story. I was inspired to ramp-down the difficulty for a change because my party of four Eberron game has needed to camp twice four rooms into a dungeon I am making too tough.

  2. Are you thinking about including tips for putting things there for all classes? Like place of power for a Wizard? And how does a Bard deal with the full thing? 

  3. I’m having trouble connecting to google drive this morning, but there will be an outline in the next couple of days. Navigation custom moves in place, ideas brimming. Lovely.

  4. And, please, introduce some nice PNG/hirelings so your PC can interact (and adventure) with! (and you, as GM, can play with him more!).

    Also, you can put a list of pre-made questions and bonds with those hirelings, something like “Why Bubba is so nervous when he look at me?” or “Is Sheena your girl? Why? Why not?” or “______ should respect me more, I’m the leader, after all!”

  5. That is a great idea, and maybe I will pepper some NPCs for future use, but the concept I’m going for is a lonely quest. The hero had to go in there alone, at great risk, for a big reason.

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