Charm Person. I looooove this spell.

Charm Person. I looooove this spell.

Charm Person. I looooove this spell.

In yesterday’s session, they were fighting a necromancer, a shadow mage and The Mute (again). The necromancer was performing a ritual to collect some of his friends’ souls from a monolith structure, and the shadow mage had plunged the room in darkness to prevent the players from shooting the necromancer.

The darkness was “thick” in the sense that it dimmed light sources, making the wizards light spell into a “watch me, I’m standing right here spell” and only allowing him to see a few meters. The wizard cast Unseen Servant intending on using it as “bait” by handing it his glowing staff and making it run around. He misses.

I let him cast the spell (thinking it was harmless), but then told him that he felt cold steel on his throat and a voice that whispered in his ear: “One move and you’re dead.”

The expression on the wizard player’s face was priceless. Then his eyes narrowed. I suspected a trick. “Is he touching my skin?” he asked. “Eh, I guess?” I answered. Then the player smiled widely, and I immediately understood. “I cast charm person!”

Game changer. The shadow mage dropped the darkness, the fighter got into yet another fight with The Mute, and the wizard convinced the mage to stop The Mute. He went over to it, and grabbed its arm. The Mute was full well aware that these were dangerous people and that he was under a spell, so thinking it was being attacked it wobbed him on the head for fantastic d10+2 = 9 damage.

While it ended the spell, it gave the Fighter a chance to almost gut it with its own two-handed axe, which the fighter had wrestled from it by being crazy strong. The cleric proceeded down to try and kill the necromancer.

It took 3 sessions to clean out the dungeon, and they went of with 1,975 coins worth of items, plus a “lock of hair”, some Boots of Silence (stolen from the mute), a Soul Jar filled with the soul of an Ancient Dragonlich and a set of magical gauntlets given to them by Death itself for saving his true love.

And everyone went up two levels. It was first after this fight that the players had a chance to Make Camp, and the fighter had belched 4 healing potions to cope with damage. The Cleric also had one.

I have never handed out so much loot in three sessions before. Holy shit. I’m looking forward to seeing Carouse in action…

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  1. You let the wizard cast a spell with a knife at his throat and a direct warning of the consequences? You are kinder than I, sir, or your wizard much more subtle in his spellcasting.

  2. In my game last week, the Wizard charmed the evil priest of the god of love, who said “hey, let’s go for a walk and a chat– I’ve got stuff to tell you about, buddy!” They went for a walk, and the priest charmed him back. They fist-bumped and returned to the party.

    We determined that charm person is cast by engaging in conversation and then slipping the phrase “charm person” (with the requisite magical oomph behind it) into your dialogue.

  3. I was there for Stephanie Bryant’s example. We discovered the result of two overlapping charm person spells is a lot of fist bumping and is almost completely unbreakable. So much fun.

    Good on ya Kasper. Glad you had fun! 

  4. Kasper Brohus Allerslev  This is so great.

    Matt Smith Stephanie Bryant This is hilarious! I also had this sort of thing down as one of my failed casting rolls on Charm Person. It effects both the caster and the target so they both like each other very much. They have a bromance or romance unless something interferes to stop them.

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