Two firsts!

Two firsts!

Two firsts! My first DW and first game over Google Hangouts. Wow. I had two players just a quick sketch of the opening scene – man, it went great!

We only played for 2 hours, but they had a great battle against a goblin wizard, bird-men, goblin toadies and literal toadies. It just ran so smoothly, and nobody nodded off waiting for their turn.

I want to thank everyone in this community for all the inspiration I’ve taken from you all. Can’t wait to play again!

4 thoughts on “Two firsts!”

  1. Thanks! I wasn’t sure I should post, since it was really just gushing, but I couldn’t help myself.

    It seems like in combat with more than a few players, that it could get pretty hairy. Any tips for keeping the flow with more players?

  2. Make sure everyone gets a spotlight.  Alot of times I’ll jump from person to person after 1 or 2 rolls.  My players are pretty good about sharing the spotlight, and will often jump in whenever they see an opportunity.  

    The best way of doing it is tying failed rolls together.  Lets say the fighter rolls a defy danger to dodge a fireball and gets a 6-.  Instead of straight dealing damage, I might turn to the wizard and say, “Wizard, you see a roaring ball of flame heading toward the fighter, what do you do?”  This has several benefits.  One is tying the battle together in both rolls and in fiction.  My players always like it when the battles seem interconnected and organic.  Another benefit is it give you(the GM) an easy in to pull a player in that’s been doing nothing or looking bored, giving them push they probably need.  Finally, it helps player interaction.  The wizard in my example could easily say no and do something else, leading to all sorts of roleplay and possibly fulfilling of a bond down the road.

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