10 thoughts on “I’ve made a tiny CC for myself, what do you all think of it? It’s called The Prince of the Gates.”

  1. I like the utility of Gaze into the Abyss. It’d make it hard to kill anybody in your group.

    The Abyss Gazes back seems like it wouldn’t get used much. And when it is used it’d steal he show for a while. I don’t think I like either effect.

    Death Mask is awesome.

    Whisper From TG seems significantly too narrowly focused, unless your group has a huge casualty rate. And that’d be reduced since you’re a major life saver.

    All told, lots of cool and thematic ideas.

  2. Adam Koebel Hey, yeah you’re right. In my head I was going to swing it that anyone could be titled prince, but I think I’ll go with Fr. Tom and call it Defiant Soul. Speaking of, thats a really good name for it mate.

    Andrew Day Thanks for the input, The Abyss Gazes Back I already regret, sounded like a good idea last night. I’ll be keeping the move name for effect, but the whole move is getting thrown out. As for the Whispers From, its not for everyone, but in a campaign where a character has a meeting with death, death is obviously a little more common. While you might become a life saver, only a lot of death related events would lead you to this CC.

  3. I’m quite happy with this simple move, taking the place of the last The Abyss Gazes Back:

    The Black Gates are drawn to you. When you look over a damaged enemy, ask the GM how many Hit Points they have left.

    It’s just the Fighter’s Eye for Weaponry move for health rather than damage output, but I think it would create a nice narrative about seeing death as it comes and attacking the weakest or most damaged foe. I don’t think it would break anything though, it doesn’t reveal armor or stop that down to 10hp dragon from burning you alive.

  4. What if there was some move that allowed them to gain knowledge from someone at the moment of death? Sort of a discern realities from the recently departed?

    When you look into the eyes of the recently deceased,  roll+Wis. ✴On a 10+, ask the GM 3 questions from the list below. ✴On a 7–9, ask 1. Either way, take +1 forward when acting on the answers.

    •  Whom did you serve?

    •  What was your mission?

     • Where were you from?

     • What/who should I be leery of?

    •  What do you know of  (Current mission)?

    •  What here is not what it appears to be?

    Rather than giving a verbal answer, the GM provides images that relate to the question as the life of the victim fads away.  The GM could decide how much or little detail is appropriate from the memories of the deceased.

  5. A really cool move, but this CC already has two information providing moves. I can almost see that being a Barbarian Warlord move or something. “When look in the eyes of the pitiful fool you’ve slain…”

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