10 thoughts on “The Master Thrower: a Compendium Class I whipped together today based on a couple 3.5 prestige classes.”

  1. Yeah, I don’t want to limit it to Thieves, but I wasn’t sure if any other class has the ability to throw melee weapons. If a fighter wanted to throw his sword, would he be able to without using a multiclass move to get the Thief move?

  2. Well, by default, you should follow fiction, so…

    A knife, dagger, small hammer, throwing axe, etc…?

    These I would allow anyone to throw using volley without the option to lose ammo on a 7-9.

    I would also offer a “Hurl” advanced move option that allows one to volley with + str when using heavy throwing things like axes, hammers (if they’re designed to throw at all).

    If it’s not aerodynamic, a little bigger, or so on, then I would require special training (a special move) to do it.

    So, I wouldn’t normally let a fighter throw a sword.

  3. Thank you; this is very helpful, and I’ve modified it accordingly.

    Is the first move too powerful now, though, since it’s basically an improved 6-10 advanced thief move?

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