A bunch of lizardfolk took over a village and separated the party.

A bunch of lizardfolk took over a village and separated the party.

A bunch of lizardfolk took over a village and separated the party. While the group was apart, one of the players took on the role of “The Reptilian,” one of the tribe of lizardfolk who missed out on the raid. Seeing him (valiantly) attempt a lizard accent was alone worth the price of putting together the class.

Here’s the sheet in case anyone is interested.

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  1. Chameleon Transference seems a bit too much on my suspension of disbelief.

    Otherwise great playbook. Additions like these are slowly tempting me to abandon odnd for a while and start DW.

  2. Thanks all. I’m glad you like it!

    Vlastimil Valluch I thought the same thing when I wrote Chameleon Transference. My motivation was to add a little something less mundane to the move list, but it may be a little much. I may need to look for something else there.

    Burk Diggler That’s a very cool, dark CC. I like the means of acquisition, too. Making sacrifices to gain the benefits of the class. Stone cold indeed.

  3. Alex Barrett While I like the feel of the class, I think it needs some polishing. A few things that stand out to me:


    These seem pretty good, though personally I’d reword Neutral to defend anyone you consider family. Defending oneself shouldn’t grant XP in a fantasy adventure game, it will never not happen, and if you have to defend your family, then it severely either limits your XP progression or the scope of the game.

    Also, do you mean “rule” or “rules” in the Chaotic? I think “rule” makes better sense, but I’m not sure whether or not it is an error.


    I love these! Especially Healer and Hunter! The only one that stands out is Merchant, because you don’t really get anything from it. Sure 20 gold and a really circumstancial +1 bonus, but that’s it it seems. I think you should more interesting move for it.


    Cool stuff! Nuff said 🙂

    Starting Moves

    Amphibious and Taste That Scent are pretty cool as both can occasionally be really useful. Especially TTS. Chameleon Skin: Thumbs up. Also really cool.

    I have a few problems with Quite The Tail though, not the concept (which I really like) but some of the options. Prehensile Tail is really cool. Detachable Tail doesn’t feel as great to me, but mostly because I have a hard time seeing why it would be useful.

    Venomous Tail needs to specifically state that you must spend a dose if you roll a hit. Otherwise it doesn’t actually say that you have to spend a dose. Also, the “you only deliver a partial dosage” should indicate what that means. I guess it is implied that the effect is really short-lived, and that you will have to act fast to actually gain any effect.

    Whip Tail has a different problem, namely that it allows for “nothing happens”-results. If I roll a 7-9, nothing happens if I choose not to expose myself to an attack. It would be better to remove that option from the list and then explicitly state that you open yourself up to an attack on a 7-9. Also, I don’t get the point with the second option. It doesn’t make fictional sense to me. What do you distract the target from? If I understand the intention correctly, I think you should reword it to you create an advantage, +1 to yourself or an ally acting on it (as per Backstab from the Thief). Also, you might want to make “deal your damage” an option, if it is intended to be a weapon.

    The class seems really cool, but these were the things that stood out to me. Good work!

  4. Kasper Brohus Allerslev Thanks for the great feedback! I’ve updated the playbook to incorporate your suggestions, plus a new move to replace the weird “Chameleon Transference.”

    You make a good point about the “defend yourself” motivation. Interestingly, the player who took on this role in our game chose this alignment and used it to justify disregarding the dangers the other party members faced, which resulted in an interesting dynamic. Nonetheless, I like your phrasing better.

     – Merchant now has a more interesting move that could provide the basis for a storyline if desired.

     – Venomous Tail is clearer about spending doses.

     – Whip Tail has been reworded.

     – “Swallow Whole” replaces the old “Cold Blooded”

     – “Cold Blooded” is completely different. 

  5. Detachable Tail is somewhat useful with Tall Tail, so everytime some giant or beast catches your poisonous/whiping/sneaky tail, you detach it to escape. But this little use probably shouldn’t cost two moves.

    Or am I missing something?

  6. Alisson Vitório It’s at v0.2 right now, and we’ve got a second playtest opportunity tomorrow, so I may come back with another revision. I work with a bunch of awesome designers, so if I can bribe one of them with enough good food or booze, I might be able to get a cover design for it and throw it up for sale. But I still plan to offer it free as well. I’ve used so many great ideas from this group I want to give it back, too.

    Also I somehow need to incorporate Kasper Brohus Allerslev ‘s idea for a Frankentail move.

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