So I see quite a few people asking about one-shot games, but would anyone be interested in starting up and running a…

So I see quite a few people asking about one-shot games, but would anyone be interested in starting up and running a…

So I see quite a few people asking about one-shot games, but would anyone be interested in starting up and running a semi-regular campaign game over hangouts. I recently discovered Dungeon World and I absolutely love it, but I’m the perennial GM for my group and I’d like to try it out as a player in an ongoing game.

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  1. Well, I’m not looking for a huge commitment, I was thinking like 4 or so hours one day every other weekend. Maybe Sunday afternoon off the top of my head. I’m Eastern time zone, by the way.

  2. The way I did “LDR” before was GMs got 4 xp for their characters when they GMed (no loot), and you keep a shared doc of big fronts. Each GM should probably keep a secondary front that they have more focus/control over, too. Something bigger than an adventure arc, but smaller than the campaign.

  3. James Brunelle I think the idea is that you GM a session or an arc, and then someone else GMs next time. Not that the GMs are playing god characters in the setting. I, for one, would not enjoy that nearly as much as playing a normal, heroic character.

  4. I agree with Stephanie Bryant. Since we are going with a rotating GM concept, we either have a GMPC that sits in the background and is around for story purposes only, or the GM’s PC only appears when the GM is a player. In either case, the GM’s PC should earn xp somehow so as not to fall too far behind the other characters.

  5. I would also like to start a discussion on some logistics. Theoretically, it would be nice to collect characters and setting information (and maybe fronts) somewhere that all of the GMs can access. Any thoughts on how best to accomplish this? I’m thinking Google Drive, but someone would have to host theirs; I don’t think it’s a good idea to spread the documents out across multiple Google Drives.

  6. It sounds like we definitely have enough people interested to make this work. I’m going to tentatively propose Sunday the 23rd as our first session, maybe like 2-6pm eastern. If that doesn’t work for someone I’m fairly flexible on the weekends.

    As for +Rory Macleod’s point, my real life group has used Obsidian Portal a few times and I think it’s really cool. It is a web-based RPG tool that you can used to upload maps and create wiki’s and character journals. I think it would work fine for this purpose.

  7. I have an Obsidian Portal account that could be used for this purpose. If it’s OK, I can create a space for us to use and invite interested parties to join the site.

    If we’re doing the 23rd, I can offer myself up as the first GM. Unless someone else is clamoring to do it.

  8. I like Obsidian Portal, but I’m really jazzed about Tavern Keeper right now. TK is handy with its google hangouts integration, so I wouldn’t mind using it instead. TK also has a play-by-post feature we could take advantage of if we wanted.

    Would the 23rd be a game, or would that be a good time to talk setting creation and logistics?

  9. I haven’t used Tavern Keeper, but I am certainly open to giving it a try. 

    As for the 23rd, I would like it to be a combined character creation and mini adventure. Time permitting, of course.

  10. I created a Tavern Keeper account and also created a campaign called “The Five Shores”. I’d like to invite interested parties to join it. Please send me your email address so I can invite you to the campaign. We can continue the discussion over there.

  11. Ok, created a Tavern Keeper account. What do you guys think about doing a character creation/ world building session prior to the 23rd so we can dive right in. When is a good time for everyone?

  12. Okay, I created a TK account. My username there is Peter_J.

    With regards to the GM’s PC, one possibility is to give the GM’s character XP for each of the three questions answered at the end of a session. The GM can also mark XP when he writes a session report/updates the campaign map or wiki.

  13. This is a very cool idea, and I’d volunteer for ‘guest GM’ if you ever wanted all the PCs in the same party, but 2pm EST is a horrid time converted to Aussie hours for anything more regular. Good luck though! 😀

  14. OK. We have 2 spots left, so that works for me. Please go to and create accounts. Once you have those, search for our campaign, “The Five Shores” and apply to the campaign. Once I see your request, I’ll approve it and BAM you’re in.

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